• Combines power & light in one convenient module
  • Retractable power cable & back-lit on/off switch
  • Docks BluCave Work Light & Power Strip for storage & portability





Feature Value
Self retracting power cable
Power cable length 6m
Power cable storage
Circuit breaker
Input cable length 1m
Wall mountable only to BluCave Rail
On/Off switch
Aluminium handle
Built in power outlet
Docks BluCave Work Light & Power Strip (not included)

Combines power & light in one convenient module.

Available at the following Retailers:

ELV Elektronik AG Schweiz
ELV Logo_RGB_groesser
Kontakt Schweiz
ELV Elektronik AG
Postfach 100
4452 Itingen
Tel. 061/971 1344
Fax. 061/971 1341
E-Mail: bestellung@elv.ch
Internet: www.elv.ch
Order www.blucave.elv.ch
ELV Elektronik AG Österreich
ELV Logo_RGB_groesser
Kontakt Österreich
ELV Elektronik AG
Postfach 15
5021 Salzburg
Tel. 0662/624 084
Fax: 0662/624 157
E-Mail: www.bestellung@elv.at
Internet: www.elv.at
Order www.blucave.elv.at
ELV Elektronik AG Deutschland
ELV Logo_RGB_groesser
Kontakt Deutschland
ELV Elektronik AG
26787 Leer
Tel. 0491/6008-88
Fax. 0491/70016
E-Mail: bestellung@elv.de
Internet: www.elv.de
Order www.blucave.elv.de